Menon International, Inc.

Integrity  •  Expertise  •  Innovation

Transforming Concepts into Products for a Better Planet

Our mission is to create solutions and products that enhance security and quality of life. Through innovation in molecular biochemistry Menon International, Inc. develops products key to global well-being in the near and long-term future.

Menon has developed key intellectual property to achieve its mission.  We transition intellectual property into niche products that fill technology gaps. Key patents and trademarks granted enable the company to grow its presence worldwide.

To commercialize products produced Menon International, Inc. has formed two subsidiaries Menon Biosensors, Inc. and Menon Renewable Products, Inc. An innovative team has been assembled to carry out research, development, prototyping and production. The company has collaborated and achieved milestones successfully on projects with universities, government laboratories and strategic partners.

Menon Biosensors has built M2 technology, a next generation DNA, antibody and other biomarker based detection method to detect bacteria and virus in air, water, blood, stool, sputum, urine and cerebral spinal fluids.  The company builds instruments called MENTOR and assays based on M2 technology for applications in healthcare, food safety, biodefense and other sectors.

Menon Renewables owns Celtherm™ technology, a next generation cellulosic conversion method to produce high value proteins, prebiotics and probiotics to support animal health, immune system response, survivability and growth.  The company plans to install fermentation facilities based on Celtherm™ technology in various  parts of the world where low value waste such as spent grains, c-molasses, green waste, food waste, etc can be found.  These waste-streams are converted into a product called MrFeed which is currently being sold within aquaculture and aviculture markets.