Menon International, Inc.

Menon International, Inc.

Creating solutions and products that enhance security and quality of life through innovation in molecular biochemistry. Technology development carried out at the Innovation Center and transition of intellectual property into niche products fill technology gaps. Products developed are key to global well-being in the near and long-term future, enabling the company to grow its presence worldwide.


To commercialize its products Menon International, Inc. has formed two subsidiaries Menon Renewable Products, Inc. and Menon Biosensors, Inc. An innovative team has been assembled to carry out research, development, prototyping and production. The company has participated on projects and achieved milestones in collaboration with universities, government laboratories and strategic partners.

Plant Expansion

Starting with 300L fermenters in 2008, Menon has over time proven on a commercial scale the use of multiple feedstocks in 40,000L fermenter, full scale 1Million L fermenter at its North American facility in which all fermentation, mixing and pelletizing equipment was retrofitted to make MrFeed® at the rate of 1,200 tons per year.

Menon Renewable Products Inc.

Menon's Celtherm™ Technology, is a next generation cellulosic conversion method to produce high value proteins, prebiotics and probiotics to support animal health, immune system response, survivability and growth. The company plans to install fermentation facilities based on Celtherm™ Technology in various parts of the world where agricultural inputs such as spent grains, c-molasses, green and food byproducts, etc can be found. These byproducts are converted into a product called MrFeed® which is currently being sold within aquaculture and aviculture markets.


Menon International, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California to fill technology gaps and major market needs for the health, energy, food, water, safety and security of mankind.....


Menon Renewable Products, Inc. mission is to become the technology of choice for converting non-food cellulosic and other agricultural inputs into high value animal feed products.

MrFeed®…Feed for Life

A Global Leader in Sustainable Animal Feed Menon Renewables is an emerging industry leader meeting the requirements to feed a growing world population. Through its unique and proprietary bio-mass conversion process, called CelTherm™


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