Use of functional ingredients has been shown to increase productive performance of laying hens along with improving intestinal health and increasing the absorption of nutrients from the feed.

MrFeed® Pro50 C is a functional feed ingredient designed for poultry diets.  The ingredient was designed to overcome the antinutritional factors present in commonly used feed ingredients, while providing exceptional health and growth.  Recently, Menon tested MrFeed® Pro50 C as an ingredient for Hy-Line W-36 pullets over a 17-week growth period.  Birds fed MrFeed® diets showed greater body weight than those fed control diets and was on par with Hy-Line performance standards.

Female birds from the pullet trial were then transferred into a layer study to evaluate the effect of MrFeed® on egg production and egg quality parameters.  Within the first week, MrFeed® hens laid nearly double the number of eggs as control hens.  By week 22, birds fed MrFeed® were producing an average of 32% more eggs than control birds, with increased average egg weight and other quality parameters.