MrFeed® Eggs Show 10% Higher Albumin Content for Overall Better Nutrition, Yields Beneficial for Vaccine Production 

San Diego, CA, Oct. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Menon Renewable Products (“Menon” or the “Company”), a global leader in disruptive animal feed technology, announced today results from a pullet and layer poultry trial that compared growth and productivity utilizing diets that contained Menon’s proprietary MrFeed® ingredient. The trials, conducted by the Zamorano Institute in Honduras, showed that pullets fed a diet including MrFeed® achieved a greater body mass than pullets fed a traditional diet and egg yields, once the pullets reached the layer stage, were 30% greater than that achieved with traditional diets. In addition to greater yields, eggs from layers fed a diet including MrFeed® achieved a 10% higher albumin content, which is important for vaccine production, higher protein content, increased shelf life, and higher rupture strength.

“Our functional ingredient has been shown to increase the productivity performance of egg-laying hens along with improving intestinal health and increasing the absorption of nutrients from the feed,” said Dr. Suresh Menon, Founder and President of Menon. “We were happy to see yet another trial showing the advantages MrFeed® can give farmers.”

Menon tested MrFeed® Pro50 C, a functional feed ingredient designed for poultry diets, in a Hy-Line® W-36 pullet trial with corn/soybean. After 17 weeks, the female birds were then transferred into a layer study to evaluate the effect of MrFeed® on egg production and egg quality parameters.

Within the first week, MrFeed® hens laid nearly double the number of eggs as control hens. By week 22, birds fed MrFeed® were producing an average of 32% more eggs than control group birds, with increased egg weight and improved performance on several other quality parameters.

At the end of the trial, researchers found layer hens fed MrFeed® diets produced a significantly greater quantity and heavier eggs than those fed control diets. Egg size per unit was 10% higher than the control groups. Increased overall yield is ideal for vaccine development using specific-pathogen-free (SPF) birds, particularly during a pandemic, where massive numbers of eggs are required to replicate the virus. 

“The ingredient was designed to overcome the antinutritional factors present in commonly used feed ingredients, while providing improved animal health and accelerated growth without the use of antibiotics,” added Dr. Menon.

Due to their selective genetics and trial conditions, Hy-Line® birds in the control experienced a mortality rate of 8-10%.  With MrFeed®, the mortality rate under commercial conditions is substantially reduced by more than 50%.

MrFeed® replaces various grains, animal byproducts (such as blood plasma, fish meal, etc.), protein concentrates, enzymes, growth promoters and other additives to create a safe, nutritious and effective finished feed solution. The CelTherm® process delivers a unique, abundant and sustainable feed ingredient that meets growing worldwide demand while eliminating the need for antibiotics in poultry feed.

Additional MrFeed® Pro50 C trials are ongoing in the United States and around the world and results from a trial with a major global poultry producer in the US are expected soon.

MrFeed® Pro50 C is one of Menon’s four new functional ingredient products to serve various animal feed markets including shrimp, finfish, poultry, and swine. These innovative ag-biotech products significantly enhance animal growth and survival and promote health while reducing the carbon footprint resulting from current animal feed practices.

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About Menon Renewable Products:

Menon Renewable Products, Inc. (Menon) was founded in 2013 by Dr. Suresh Menon and is based in San Diego, CA.  Menon has developed a patented process that converts hydrocarbon-based sugars from agriculture-based raw materials into a functional animal feed ingredient under the brand name MrFeed®.  The ingredient not only overcomes anti-nutritional factors in many animal feed products, but also replaces various grains, related proteins, animal by-products, fishmeal and other components.  MrFeed® meets increasing worldwide demand for an abundant, sustainable, cost competitive and renewable source of animal feed.  MrFeed® has been proven in aquaculture, poultry and swine (with other animal species currently under testing) and has demonstrated superior performance when compared to traditional feeds in the areas of survivability, growth, disease remediation, FCR and overall animal health.

About MrFeed®

MrFeed® represents a disruptive technology that will significantly enhance animal growth and gut health.  Through inclusion of a spectrum of unique prebiotics, nucleotides and peptides, MrFeed® enhances digestibility, promotes animal health and reduces the need for antibiotics and other disease remediation treatments.  By utilizing agricultural and related by-products, MrFeed® reduces environmental pressure caused by overuse of unsustainable animal feed ingredients (such as fish meal). 

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