Dr. Jesús Zendejas Hernández recognized for his contributions to shrimp farming

We are very proud to share the accomplishment of our dear colleague, Dr. Jesús Zendejas Hernández, who received recognition at Conacua ‘19 for his invaluable contribution in the area of nutrition for shrimp farming in Mexico. Dr. Zendejas, congratulations on this great achievement. We are honored to have you as part of our team! @jesus.zendejas.58

Jesús Zendejas Hernández received his bachelor’s degree in Hydrobiology in 1981 at the National Autonomous Metropolitan University, Mexico and in 1984 received his MSc. in Aquaculture Nutrition at Sterling University, Scotland.  He has worked at the Mexican Ministry of Fisheries responsible for their national tilapia hybridization program and in 1985 was promoted to the position of Aquaculture Health and Nutrition Manager with the Ministry of Fisheries (SEPESCA). In 1988 he joined Ralston Purina to develop their shrimp feed portfolio for Mexico and in 2001 was promoted to the position of Aquaculture R&D Manager.  By 2003 he had added responsibility for Aquaculture Marketing and he remained as part of the global R&D aquaculture team following the acquisition of Ralston Purina by Cargill. From More recently, from 2015, to 2017, Zendejas was Cargill’s Regional Aquaculture Technology Application Manager from Mexico to Central America and in September 2018, when he left Cargill, he was the Manager for the Technology Application Center that was being built in Ecuador responsible for the evaluation of semi-intensive, hyper-intensive and bio-flock raceway shrimp farming systems.

Dr. Zendejas is currently operating as a renewable feed specialist consultant with Menon Renewable Products, supporting the introduction of Mr Feed® to global markets.

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