Repeat orders creates increased demand for MrFeed®

 Repeat orders of MrFeed ® have created a need to expand the commercial production of MrFeed ® at its current production facility.  Menon Renewable Products is planning to raise capital for new production facilities around the world to meet worldwide demand.

SAN DIEGO, OCTOBER 30, 2014Menon Renewable products, Inc. have received repeat orders for MrFeed ® animal feed from its existing clients.  Animals tested with this product cover both aquaculture and aviculture applications.  Demand of MrFeed ® is increasing as it solves many problems for clients depending on supply of individual ingredients from different countries, overcoming high cost, logistics and contamination issues.

Menon Renewable Products is planning to raise capital to increase the production capacity of the current production facility to meet the demand.  In addition, Menon Renewable Products is planning to initiate capital raise for ten plants located around the world, in order to meet global demand for MrFeed ®.

The demand for our animal feed products is high. Existing customers are happy with our product performance resulting in repeat orders. We need to build out our existing production facility to maximum capacity and require several commercial scale feed production centers to meet the global needs. We are in the planning stages to identify ten strategic locations for worldwide production and distribution of MrFeed ®,” stated Dr. Suresh Menon, Ph.D., President of Menon Renewable Products, Inc.

About Menon Renewable Products, Inc.
Menon Renewable Products is a sustainable biomass conversion company that converts low-value organic feedstocks to high value products using its CelTherm™ process.  Two such products, MrFeed ® and rHFuels ® have been validated through independent testing and government-sponsored studies on more than 100 types of feedstocks over six years.

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