FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 11, 2013

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Financing Will Increase Renewable Feed Product Production Scale

November 11, 2013, San Diego, Menon Renewable Products, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Menon International, Inc. announced today the receipt of funds from a private investor to increase scale of Menon’s proprietary renewable feed product production scale 10-fold, to a 500,000 Liter fermentation tank capacity.

“Menon is pleased to receive funding for the increase in scale of Menon’s renewable feed production process,” stated Suresh Menon, Ph.D., President and Founder of Menon Renewable Products, Inc. “The funds we received will enable us to demonstrate on a much larger scale our ability to retrofit existing ethanol plants at a relatively low cost compared to greenfield sites. Menon has produced high value, high protein fish meal and other valuable feed ingredients and higher energy biofuels from Menon’s process in sufficient quantities for testing by various end users. We seek to retrofit existing ethanol plants to make Menon renewable products in substantially larger volumes, instead of ethanol and dried distillers grains typically produced at ethanol plants.”

“Menon intends on using recently received funds to retrofit a 500,000 Liter ethanol fermentation tank to demonstrate Menon’s ability to produce renewable fish meal and other feed ingredients from low-grade molasses and other low grade and non-food cellulosic byproduct sources available from local areas,” continued Dr. Menon. “We have already engaged third parties to conduct fish feed trials in rainbow trout and yellowtail to validate Menon MrFeed™ as a viable replacement for sardines, a major component in fish meal. Interim results are very encouraging, showing 100% survivability and comparable growth in side-by-side trials comparing results from standard formulations, with a formulation that uses MrFeed™ as a substitute for the sardine meal ingredient,”

About Menon Renewable Products, Inc.
Menon Renewable Products, Inc. concentrates on the development of proprietary processes for the production of renewable feed ingredients for fish and other animals, marketed as rFeed™, renewable hydrocarbon fuels, marketed as rHFuels™ and amino acids. Menon uses a proprietary aerobic fermentation technology and process on feedstocks of all types without the use of genetically modified microbes, to produce high value, high protein fish meal, and other high value feed ingredients, amino acids and triglyceride oils that can be extracted for upgrading into renewable biodiesel and jet fuel.

About Menon International, Inc.
Menon International, Inc.’s mission is to create solutions that enhance both security and quality of life worldwide for mankind and provide value to Menon’s customers, end users, employees and shareholders. Menon focuses on two areas of technology through two subsidiaries. Menon Renewable Products, Inc. focuses on innovative uses of natural microbial species to develop products key to human and animal well-being. Menon Biosensors, Inc. focuses on developing innovative technologies, devices and assays to rapidly and accurately detect biological threats of concern in today’s world. Menon has assembled a cutting edge team to carry out extensive research and development for continuing advances in technology to support its mission and value to its customers, end users and shareholders. The Company’s headquarters and research center are located in San Diego, California.

Forward Looking Statements
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