Pro50 C - Menon Renewable Products Feed for Life preliminary data for Layers fed MrFeed

Outstanding preliminary data was received this week from our first layer trial utilizing MrFeed® Pro50 C ingredient in finished diets. Layers fed MrFeed® diets have produced almost double the amount of eggs of those fed control diets. MrFeed® Pro50 C has been successfully used in broiler and pullet trials in which chickens grown on MrFeed® demonstrate increased breast weight and higher survival rates. The team is excited to see the product’s benefits in layer egg production.

MrFeed® Pro50 C is a high-quality poultry feed ingredient delivered without artificial preservatives and rich in essential amino acids. MrFeed® ingredients contains crude protein that is superior to commonly used feed ingredients. Highly digestible and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, the product has been developed specifically for use in poultry diets and provides excellent survivability, immune system support and superior growth.