U.S. Field TrialsTrout fed with MrFeed® grew 12.7% faster than Trout fed with a traditional fishmeal based diet

Key Highlights of Study Results

  • Sustainable, renewable ingredient
  • High yield, fast growth
  • No antibiotics
  • Improved gut health
  • Clean, consistent ingredient to help formulation
  • Reduces need for use of expensive ingredients such as SPC, poultry and fish meal by over 50%
  • Provides consistency of animal size, reducing burden on processing
  • Non-GMO ingredient formulation
  • CFIA approved diet









Atlantic Salmon Growth Test – PEI, Canada

Growth tests conducted at Prince Edward Island, Canada on Atlantic Salmon show salmon fed a diet where MrFeed® replaced fishmeal grew 20-30% faster than salmon fed a traditional diet utilizing fishmeal. Recent results show a new record growth rate in which Salmon doubled in size within 28 days vs 42 days and tripled in 56 days versus 72 days