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MrFeed® performance demonstrated across 200 hectares of shrimp farms in N. America
MrFeed® sale secured to commercial fish and shrimp farms.  Product delivery begins to support 200 hectares with potential to meet delivery for 100,000 hectares per year.

Menon Renewable Products produces MrFeed® from agriculture products meeting specifications of aquaculture and aviculture industries

SAN DIEGO, AUGUST 15, 2014 – Menon Renewable Products, Inc. received orders to feed shrimp across 200 hectares each in Mexico and India with subsequent orders for 100,000 hectares if demonstration is successful.  The demonstration of commercial sale feeding established a significant milestone in MrFeed® as a globally sustainable renewable fish feed.  Data showed feed to conversion ratio of less than one.  Shrimp growth was reported exceeding three grams per week.

“Commercial fish farmers have recognized the value of MrFeed® as a total fish meal substitute” stated Suresh Menon, Ph.D., President of Menon Renewable Products, Inc.  “With disease such as early mortality syndrome rampant throughout shrimp industry, MrFeed® with its unique amino acids, pre and probiotics will help the farmer minimize contamination in the ponds by not including animal products into the food chain.”

Dr. Menon further stated, “We are planning expansion of delivery of MrFeed® into several locations throughout N. America, Asia, Europe, S. America, Africa and Australia.  Several locations for fermentation facilities are being investigated to meet global demand for MrFeed®”

About Menon Renewable Products, Inc.
Menon Renewable Products is a sustainable biomass conversion company that converts low-value organic feedstocks to high value products using its CelTherm™ process.  Two such products, MrFeed® and rHFuels™ have been validated through independent testing and government-sponsored studies on more than 100 types of feedstocks over six years.

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